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Gut Instinct

Eva Nagorski

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Getting to the Core


Constipation. Bloating. Diarrhea. Heartburn. These are all problems caused by digestive issues. But these can usually be remedied by making changes to your eating habits and lifestyle choices.  That’s why we at Circuit25 not only focus on making sure our clients are getting into the shape they need by participating in our outdoor personal training sessions, but that they are eating the right foods and alleviating stress from their lives.


Circuit25 spends a great deal of fitness time on a person’s core. There are many benefits to having a strong core (or stomach area), such as it helps back pain and posture. But if you are having bloating and other pains in your core area, it’s very difficult to focus on it. It’s time you got to the core of the problem.


Find out what upsets your stomach. If you’re taking medicine to remedy your pain, make sure these drugs are not aggravating the situation more. Keep a pain diary and see if the pain acts up after eating specific foods or at certain times of day. Try to avoid foods that are fried, processed and high in sugar. Then take steps to move past this pain. Talk to one of our trainers about stretches you can do to alleviate the pain, and also about breathing exercises you can do.

The main thing is not to let it fester and for you to sit in misery – and use it as an excuse not to work out. This is pain that’s nobody’s gain – especially not yours! Go with your gut instinct on what is causing these problems and soon you’ll be pain-free!



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