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Corporate Group Training

If your employees are often sick, their sick days add up, driving up costs and lessening productivity. But if they’re healthy and fit, you’ll have a more productive workplace with a dedicated staff. So it’s not hard to figure out what to do: help your company and your bottom line by getting your employees in great shape.


The grim facts are no secret. The more you sit, the higher your chance of dying. Your glute muscles weaken, tightening your hip flexors and causing your pelvis to tilt forward. This stresses out your spine and causes lower back pain. Your gut pushes out. Your upper back weakens and causes slouching. All of which increases the chances that your employees will become obese, or suffer from diabetes, depression, cancer, kidney stones, anxiety and more. It’s now been determined that a sedentary lifestyle is right up there with smoking when it comes to causes of preventable death.


When an employee is sedentary—sitting at his/her desk for, say, 8 hours a day—the employee suffers and your company suffers. A 2008 U.S. study discovered that American companies were spending 36% of their payroll on sick days. Canadian taxpayers have had to pony up more than $1 billion a year to make up for the lost wages of federal workers calling in sick. And according to studies, a person who sits and watches TV for three hours a day has a 64% higher chance of dying of heart disease. Think about what so many employees do when they go home after work: hit the couch to relax in front of the TV.


It’s time for people sitting behind desks to get up off their tushes and exercise. We at Circuit25 can make that happen. Being the number one in group personal training, health and fitness in Asia, we offer 25-minute and 50-minute workouts that produce quick results. Not only do we focus on the entire body, making sure every muscle group is worked on, we make sure that people of any fitness level are able to participate and benefit immediately from this training. Plus, having employees work out together is a great way to promote camaraderie and team-building.


Circuit25 will work with you directly on where to offer our classes so that they are easily accessible to your employees. We can provide the motivation, fun and encouragement that’s needed for people looking to make a change in their lifestyles. Allow us to help you make your employees get fit in both mind and body. In the process, you’ll discover that your company will become fitter as well.


Please email us today. We look forward to speaking with you soon!