Circuit25 Terms and Conditions

By indicating that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions, you agree to assume all risks associated with the participation in activities led by Circuit25, its employees, volunteers and affiliates.

Activities are physically demanding and strenuous and may result in accident, injury or other physical harm. To reduce risk of injury, please consult a doctor before commencing this or any other fitness regime.

You also agree to the following:

You agree that all information you have provided Circuit25 is true. Personal information relating to you is stored on our servers and will never be sold, passed on, rented or otherwise disseminated in any way.

You agree to make Circuit25 staff aware of any medical conditions that you may have and any medications you may need.

You agree to comply with staff instruction for purposes of safety and smooth running of the classes. If you are unable to comply, you may be asked to leave class.

You will disclose any discomfort you may be feeling before, during or after training to a staff member. If you are unable to continue with any aspect of the class, you will let the Circuit25 staff know.

You agree to hold Circuit25, the venue, and the instructors leading the activities harmless from any and all liability arising from your participation in the exercise activity.

Circuit25 reserves the right refuse participation of clients if they believe they are unfit to participate in any particular activity. In such circumstances, no refunds will be issued.

Circuit reserves the right refuse participation of anyone to any class for any reason at their absolute discretion.

Circuit25 reserves the right to cancel classes or sessions at anytime with minimal warning.