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On this page, our members share what they have gotten out of Circuit25. Whether it's lost weight, stronger muscles, more energy, words of inspiration or just a good time, they all Get inspired, Get Fit, Show it.


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Been meaning to contact you and say thanks for the support in training. I completed the Laguna Phuket a few weeks back in just under 4 hours and really enjoyed it, no pain or struggle at any point in spite of high temperatures and finished with a burst, still feeling great.

I know for sure that I have plenty of work to do on my swimming technique still, but there is no doubt that the swimming course (C25 Swimming for Endurance) has made me a more relaxed, more efficient swimmer. It was very handy to get out of the water after the 1.8k swim knowing that I felt good and had really not used any energy in my legs at all. And this type of swim technique has opened up my mind to much more adventurous open water swimming.

The running course (C25 Running for endurance) no doubt played a part too. Very few people I came across were training in this way, but I think it is probably the right thing for me and has worked for me. I haven’t had a sniff of soreness or injury in 4 months and have no issues running 10km on back to back days using MAF, something I would never have previously considered. I feel like the approach can serve me well for years to come and am focussed on sticking to the theory and making progress this way. I actually gave both my siblings heart monitors for Christmas......I could become boring on the topic.


Phil King, Circuit25 member since September 2012




Twelve years ago, I was in midst of training for my first marathon. After a long 15 mile training run, I was overcome with pain in my knees. After two solid weeks of physiotherapy and water training, my marathon dreams were crushed with a trip to the specialist [he said I should never run again and I may need surgery]. 


However, when I read about Circuit25's Running for Endurance program, I was so tempted and decided I should give it a shot. But the same knee pain started up again. Instead of telling me to stop running, Davide gave me some great advice instead. He said my knee pain was just referred pain from tight muscles and I needed to stretch my quad muscles.... and it worked!  I started stretching four-five times a day, and I no longer have any pain whatsoever!  And I can run again!  A huge thank you to Davide."


Kristi Sabasch, Circuit25 member since February 2012



My Circuit25 story began prior to even signing up for my free trial. Having seen the advertisements in HK magazine, and thinking outdoor group fitness sounded fun, I finally signed up for my first session in August of 2012. I remember that first afternoon session, outside on Bowen Rd. I got my butt kicked! But amazingly, even though it was obvious how far behind the group I was, rather than going home defeated, I couldn't wait to go back and begin to improve my ability.


The Circuit25 Community, the trainers and the members, have truly changed my life since then. The encouragement, the camaraderie and the performance focus on achievement and improvement have laid the foundation to enable me to shed almost 50 pounds, tone and shape my body and enhance my physical performance beyond what I ever thought I could achieve at my age. This experience has truly been, for me, life changing.


If getting in shape or becoming physically able, losing weight or being outside, meeting new people or learning more about the body- health, diet, nutrition, fitness, is something that appeals to you, I urge you to take the plunge. The trial is free, and regardless of your level of ability, if you find yourself having fun, you can and will improve. If you aren't having fun... you're doing it wrong.


Thanks Davide, Linds, Martin, Lee, Steve and the whole Circuit 25 community for your encouragement and support, I'll see you all outside soon!


Jeremy Lieberman, Circuit25 member since August 2011



Until 2011, I really thought doing sports was not for me. I didn't think I needed to do more exercise than I usually did. But then I thought it would be good since I was getting a little older and it'd be good to get in shape and keep up my health. I don’t like fitness factories. I don’t like the air conditioners on everywhere in Hong Kong. When I heard about C25 I said, "It’s not for me, too hard, too crazy, too, too, too,…" I always had good excuses about why not to do it.

My first try was just before Christmas on a cloudy Saturday in Bowen Road, and I was really surprised. There were many people were there from all ages, shapes, Hong Kongers and Westerners. The concept is really great. I followed my goals, and surprisingly, I achieved them and feel very proud of myself. It was because of the encouragement, because it was motivating to have people very fit and much better than me, pushing me to try to get closer to those goals.

And today, October 2011, I still do C25 as much as possible, even back to back sessions on some Saturdays. It’s always a challenge, but don’t get me wrong: it's good in every way. Because of the diversity, different trainers, different way of training, different locations, you never know what to expect and what is going to be the next challenge. And I really love it. It is never the same so it never gets boring.

And last but not least, the people. The C25 trainers are all great, motivating, helpful and comprehensive. We are all different and we all need encouragement. Because of their passion, they are able to make us follow, try our best and even succeed. And the other people attending are also great. That's important since everyone has to be a piece of a puzzle and motivate one another to make it all work.

My conclusion: this is one of the best ways to experience Hong Kong. 


Ariane Lamy, Circuit25 member since December 2010



I have been a member of C25 since Jan 2010. At the time, my friend Julie and I were looking for a personal trainer who could train us together. Julie then found C25 after doing some Google searching. I have had a personal trainer in the past but have personally benefited more from C25 since I am challenged more. In addition, it’s more economical than 1:1 training, it's outdoors and I'm training with many like-minded individuals who all want to have fun and work hard. Once you get into it, working out in the outdoors in the HK humidity is not that bad. And as Davide says, you just sweat more so drink more water! He is right!


C25 - and Davide in particular - has made a huge difference and change to my life over the past 12 months. I embarked on a no-carb diet, a service provided by C25, did 3 sessions a week of C25 and then did my own sessions at least 2 or 3 times a week. I lost approximately 45 pounds as a result, look and feel 150% better and am so much more motivated to continue on my health and fitness journey. I can’t say it was easy to radically change my diet, attend C25 on a regular basis and get up early for my own sessions. It was really difficult and definitely took some mind over matter. Davide and C25 helped me realize that to truly make a difference, I needed to make some radical changes, mentally and physically. I would still like to lose a bit more and as a result of C25, I have changed my attitude from thinking in the beginning that I couldn’t do it to knowing now that I can and I will!


If you are toying with the idea of joining or not joining, I urge you to come along for a free session. You will find that the trainers are passionate about what they do. Their only goal is make you work hard, sweat and reach your objectives of getting fit, improving flexibility and strength, losing weight or whatever it is you want to achieve. I would truly recommend C25! Start now!!


 Johanna Saunders, Circuit25 member since January 2010



Man, I'm disappointed I had to leave C25 behind in Hong Kong. BMF in London's parks is a great workout and has helped me stay reasonably fit, but C25 pushed me harder. Perhaps it was the hills and steps, perhaps the light equipment. Simply put: the results were different - and better. I certainly felt stronger. My legs and arms were better developed, and my cardio was better on simple daily routines like climbing escalators or steps in the Tube. Let's get the show on the road ASAP in London, D-man!!



Vinay Jayaram, Circuit25 member since August 2009



Not only did I lose weight but I corrected my bad habits, gained upper body strength and learned how to work-out properly.  I believe Circuit 25's strength lies in that you can do group classes or personal training outside and in your neighborhood.  It makes it convenient and you can't have excuses.  I have moved to Singapore but hope to look into Circuit25 here.  It was worth my time and money.  I recommend Circuit25 to anyone who is serious about getting into shape.    


Alison Croft, Circuit25 member since 2009



I took up training with Circuit25 to supplement my other forms of physical activities.  I've found the all-rounded exercises help to strengthen my core and strength, giving a boost to other sports I do. I very much enjoy the different routines different trainers put on, keeping us trainees engaged, interested and motivated!

Esther Chin, Circuit25 member since 2010



Circuit25 helped me shift some baby weight and get back the strength I’d lost during pregnancy.  The kick-ass training style and energy put into each session by Davide and his team is all the motivation I need to get up early in the morning and exercise.


Amber Lewis, Circuit25 member since 2009



Thanks to Circuit25, I have not felt so balanced in my training since I stopped adventure racing some years ago. With my busy work schedule, I had to find something where I could get an overall workout to maintain my flexibility, strength and cardio. I found this in Circuit25. Instead of a gym or running, Circuit25 is a good blend of the three elements (strength, cardio, flexibility) that provide a well balanced programme.


 The 50 minutes is power packed but varied each time so you look forward to whats new every week.  In addition, it has a good atmosphere of like-minded people coming together to encourage and inspire each other to keep with it no matter what your goal is. And to top it all off, the trainers are tough yet caring, personable and not bad looking! 



— Jacq Tan, Circuit25 member since 2009



Having always been active—either outrigger canoeing, dragon boating, running or swimming—a new job left me with little time or motivation to squeeze in any exercise.  Things were looking grim: Stress levels were high, exacerbated by the fact that my fitness levels were dropping. It was about two summers ago that Davide invited me out to try an outdoor circuit training session with Circuit25, and there I found the perfect solution.


With the sessions being at the most an hour in length and the locations so convenient, it doesn’t take much time out of my busy schedule. I’m still a regular and still find it just as challenging and effective for toning and fitness as I did when I began. 


As a testament to how much fun it is, there are many regulars, some of whom have been coming since the first sessions started on Bowen Road. It’s an intense workout but always enjoyable because it’s so social. I’ve made many good friends through Circuit25.


I’m very grateful to Davide, his wonderful team of trainers, and Circuit25 for picking me up from my slump. It has helped prepare me for some Action Asia events in which I’ve competed with another regular, Jacqui Tan. For 2011, the thought of finally doing a triathlon is not as daunting as it once was. So I say, “Praise Circuit25 and Praise Davide!”


 — Eila Thomas, Circuit25 member since 2008



Before joining Circuit25, I was always carrying an extra 4kg. It was something that just never went away. After my first ten sessions, I finally got rid of it. I stopped the treats and was at class three days a week. I hope I never see that weight again. Circuit25 really works!


 — Julie Man, Circuit25 member since 2008




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